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Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 

What is Fiber Laser generator ?

Fiber laser generator also called fiber laser source.

The fiber laser generator outputs high-energy-density laser beams and concentrates on the surface of the metal, which instantly melts and vaporizes the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the metal.In this way cut down metal.

What is Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

The optical fiber cutting machine adopts an fiber laser generator, using the CNC laser system to control the CNC mechanical system to move the beam emitted by the optical fiber device.To realizes automatic cutting fast speed and high precision.

What is Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

As the named applied,Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting machine is used for sheet metal cutting.Such as sheet of carbon steel,stainless steel,brass,aluminum,copper,galvanized sheet.SIEME CNC Laser support sheet metal laser cutter in varies size .

Normal machine size is as below.We also support custom size.


Millimeters (MM)

5’x  5’


5’x  10’


5’x  12’


6’x  12’


6’x  20’


8’x  20’


8’x  41



For cutting sheet metal of various thicknesses,there are different fiber laser power for your optional.1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W,4000W,6000W,8000W,12KW,20KW,30KW.

We could able to cut 40mm steel in good precision.

How to use fiber laser cutter in the right way?

With the rapid development of the metal manufacturing industry, the product demand and quality requirements of the manufacturing industry are getting higher and higher. The high speed, high efficiency, and high precision of fiber laser cutting machines have become the focus of metal processing enterprises. Fiber laser The cutting machine is a high-precision equipment, it is best for the operator to do a certain understanding before using the fiber laser cutting machine, so as to make the equipment cutting effect better.

1. Switch on the main power supply of the distribution box

2. Turn on the main power supply of the voltage stabilizer and switch the output pressure to the regulated mode

3. Start the chiller and check the water temperature and water pressure (normal water pressure is 5bar)

4. Open the nitrogen cylinder and oxygen cylinder, check the pressure of the cylinder, and start the air compressor and refrigeration dryer. (Note: The filters of air compressors and refrigerated dryers must be drained every morning to ensure that the compressed air is pure, and there must be no water or oil, otherwise the lenses will be contaminated)

5. Turn the transfer switch(MAIN SWITCH) on the back of the machine tool power distribution box to ON

6. Rotate the key switch at the position of the console to the right to turn on the control power

7. After the computer is started, double-click to open the "CypCut6.3" icon, run the sheet cutting software, and return the laser head to the origin.

8. After the temperature of the chiller reaches the set temperature, turn on the laser main power supply "MAIN SWITCH", the "POWER" indicator on the front side panel lights up green

9. Check the laser emergency stop button to ensure that the emergency stop is in the up state

10. Turn the key switch on the front side of the laser to the ON side

11. Click the "START" button on the front of the laser, the laser enters the running state, and the "ACTIVE" indicator lights up

12. Confirm the material type, material thickness, and material size before cutting. According to different materials, match the corresponding gas, focal length, pressure and other parameters.

13. Ensure above items to be normal then entering the cutting state

14. If an abnormal situation occurs during the cutting process, you should immediately pause to find out the cause, and continue cutting after the problem is solved to avoid damage to the equipment.

15. After the work is finished, shut down in the following turn:

15.1. Move the laser head to the designated docking area

15.2. Close the cutting software

15.3. Shut down the computer

15.4. Turn off the main power supply of the bed at the back of the electric control cabinet

15.5. Turn the key switch on the front of the laser source to the OFF side

15.6. Turn off the main power of the laser source

15.7. Power off the chiller

15.8. Turn off the freeze dryer, air compressor, oxygen cylinder, and nitrogen cylinder


Maintenance of peripheral equipment of Sheet Metal Laser cutter

No matter which type of laser cutting machine, daily maintenance is a very important link, which is directly related to the normal operation and service life of the laser cutting machine.

For daily maintenance of peripherals such as water coolers, laser source,laser head and transmission parts please refer to the corresponding operating instructions.

The following is a general description.

1.Water Cooling chiller 

water quality standards

Open the inlet valve and add water to the tank. The water level should be lower than 100mm ~ 200mm along the upper edge of the water tank to prevent water from overflowing from the tank. Water cooling units are not allowed to use general tap water, must use mineral free water, distilled water or deionized water. Otherwise, it will cause scaling on the refrigerator of water cooling unit and the radiator of laser and damage the components of the machine. Do not add any corrosive liquid and antifreeze.

Water chiller maintenance guide





1. Check if the water chiller temperature setting is normal (set temperature 20±1°C)

Ensure that the cooling water supplied to the laser is at a normal temperature

2. Check whether the water seal, water temperature and water pressure of the water cooler meet the requirements.

Ensure that the equipment is operating properly to prevent water leakage

3. The working environment of the water cooler is kept dry, clean and ventilated.

Conducive to the good operation of the water chiller


1、Use high-quality soap to remove dirt from

Ensure the surface of the




the surface of the water cooler. Do not use benzene, acid, milling, steel brush, hot water, etc.

water cooler is clean

2. Check ifthe condenser is blocked by dirt. Please use compressed air or a brush to remove the dust from the condenser.

Ensure the normal operation of the condenser

3. Cleaning the air filter:

a. Open the panel ofthe airfilterof the machine assembly, pull up the air filter of the unit and pull it out;

b. The dust on the filter net can be removed by using a vacuum cleaner, an air spray gun and a brush. After the cleaning is completed, if the filter is wet, shake it and dry it before putting it back.

c. Cleaning cycle: once every two weeks, if the dirt is serious, please wash it regularly.

Prevents poor heat dissipation and causes poor cooling, burns out pumps and compressors

4. Check the water quality of the tank and follow up

Good water quality ensures the laser is running properly

5, check the water cooler pipeline for water leakage

Ensure that the water cooler is free of water leakage

Every three months

1. Check electrical components (such as switches, terminals, etc.) and wipe them clean with a dry cloth.

Ensure that the surface of the electrical part of the water cooler is clean and prolongs its service life.


Replace the circulating water (distilled water) and clean the water tank and metal filter.

Make sure the laser is running properly


★★★ Note:

Required for long-term suspension:

a. Place the water cooler and water pipes away from dust.


b. Pull the power cord away from the socket and wipe the power cord clean;



c. Cleaning the unit body: When cleaning the inside ofthe unit, do not let water splash on the electronic parts;

d. Completely remove water.

2.Laser source

The laser source is the core equipment in the laser cutting machine. It provides the cutting light source for the laser cutting machine. For your laser cutting machine to work normally with high quality, while ensuring the reliable operation of your laser and extending the life of the laser, remind you to regularly Check and maintain your laser.

Fiber lasers can basically be maintenance-free. The main observation of cooling water and cooling air conditioning is normal; whether the voltage is normal! Please refer to the separate fiber optic manual for specific maintenance knowledge! If there is any abnormality, please contact our after-sales service personnel immediately!


3.Maintenance when parked for a long time

When the machine is not used for a long time, please apply butter on the moving parts of the machine, wrap the anti-embroidered paper, check the rust on the other parts regularly, and remove the rust and rust on the rust parts. You can put a dust cover on it, and you should clean and check the machine regularly.

4.Equipment lubrication

The maintenance of the machine lubrication system is recommended to use 68# rail oil (the machine is 68# inside the machine), customers can also use 46# and 32# rail oil; if conditions permit, customers are advised to use liquidity from November to March every year. Better 32# rail oil, use 68# rail oil every year from March to October

4.1.Check the oil pump level and refuel in time (maintenance cycle 3 months / time)

4.2.Check the oil pump filter and clean the foreign objects (maintenance cycle 3 months / time)


5. Maintenance and cleaning of the machine's transmission parts


 (maintenance cycle 3 months / time)

5.1.Guide rail Remove the dust cover of the machine tool to check whether the surface of the guide rail is covered with oil film. If not, check the oil pump liquid level; use a rag to clean the oil on the surface of the guide rail and oil impurities on the slider.

5.2. Remove the dust cover of the machine tool and check the rack. Use a copper brush to rub the alcohol to clean the surface of the rack (you can also use a normal toothbrush). After the brush is cleaned, use high-pressure airto dry it. The machine may run the rack and gear surface for a long time. With dust or debris, if it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the accuracy and service life of the machine.