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Full Protection Fiber Laser Cutter with Dual Working Platform 
SL-GA series intelligent laser cutting equipment is a fully enclosed metal fiber laser cutting machine.Fully-protected closed design to reduce laser damage to the human body;Dual platform fast exchange system.
Model SL3015GA      SL4020GA         SL6025GA
Working Area 3000mmx1500mm             4000*2000                    6000*2500
Laser Output Power 1KW-8KW      1KW-8KW                  1KW-8KW
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy 0.02mm      0.02mm                0.02mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy 0.015mm      0.015mm                 0.015mm
X/Y-axis Maximum Simultaneous Speed 120m/min     120m/min                  120m/min  
Max acceleration speed 1.5G     1.5G                       1.5G  
Full Protection 
  • Humanized design: 1. Fully-protected closed design to reduce laser damage to the human body
  • The smoke produced by cutting can be filtrated inside, it's non-polluting and environmentally friendly
  • Double HD cameras, give you the peak experience! The first one to use UI design in the world which lets display respond to processing table, making processing more intuitive; Elegant curves precisely fit machine body. Strong waterproof breathable system creates the best space, making operation more convenient.Wireless remote control equipment.Night vision camera
It adopts an up and down exchange platform; 
The converter is responsible for controlling the exchanging motor; 
The machine is able to finish the platform exchanging within 15s.

Exchange Platform

Machine bed 

The Segmented Rectangular Tube Bed

The internal structure of the bed adopts the aircraft metal honeycomb structure,
which is welded by a number of rectangular tubes.
Stiffeners are arranged inside the tubes to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed. 
It also increases the resistance and stability of the guide rail resulting in to effectively avoid the deformation of the bed.
High strength, stability, tensile strength, ensuring 20 years of use without distortion;
Thickness of rectangular pipe wall is 10mm and the bed alone weights 4500 kg.
Cast aluminum beams:
1. The design of the cast aluminum process, after artificial aging and solid solution treatment and thick finishing,
 is a measure of hardness that can reach the T6 standard, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, 
oxidation resistance, toughness and ductility.
2. Light weight, convenient for high-speed movement during processing.
 At the same time, it has the characteristics of high speed and flexibility. 
Under the condition that accuracy is met, the processing speed can be greatly improved
Raytools Laser Head


The laser head made in Swiss is suitable for the medium and small power metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine, with a diversified interface setting so that it can be matched with all kinds of mainstream fiber lasers. The cutting head adopts the optimization of optical design, light weight, small volume, easy to use, with a height sensor can make cutting more efficient, but low price,which is preferred for cutting equipments with laser power 500w or lower.

Auto – focus:Applicable to various focal lengths, which are controlled by machine tool control system. Focal point will be automatically adjusted in cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal.

Accuracy:Increasing perforation focus length, separately setting perforation focal length and cutting focal length, enhance cutting accuracy.

Optimal max cutting thickness with Fiber laser in different materials

SL-GA series are suitable for metal plate cutting like Stainless Steel Sheet, Mild Steel Plate,Carbon Steel Sheet, Alloy Steel Plate, Spring steel Sheet, Iron Plate, Galvanized Iron, Galvanized Sheet, Aluminum Plate, Copper Sheet, Brass Sheet, Bronze Plate, Gold Plate, Silver Plate,Titanium Plate, Metal Sheet, If you need cutting Tubes and Pipes as well , please equipped with the rotary axis
2) Industries:
SIEME CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are widely used in manufacture Billboard, Signs, Advertising, Signage, Metal Letters, LED Letters, Kitchen Ware, Advertising Letters, Sheet Metal Processing, Metals Components and Parts, Ironware, Chassis, Racks & Cabinets Processing, Metal crafts, metal art ware, elevator panel cutting, hardware, auto parts, Glasses Frame, Electronic Parts,
Nameplates, etc.
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