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Handheld laser welding machines occupy the kitchenware market

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Speaking of the handheld laser welding machine, it is worth mentioning its application in the kitchenware industry. The kitchenware industry is widely used and indispensable in life. As people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, in order to meet the current quality of life, handheld laser The welding machine can meet the production needs of the kitchenware industry.

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Compared with other industries, the kitchenware industry has very high requirements on appearance and air tightness, and relevant tests have been done for this. The hand-held laser welding machine is composed of four parts: cabinet, laser generator, welding torch, and water tank. The handheld laser welding machine has certain advantages for special-shaped workpieces. The kitchenware industry has diversified workpiece products, unpredictable changes in size and shape. The handheld welding host is equipped with a 10-meter optical fiber cable to connect the welding gun head. The gun head is small and flexible. Hand-held operation, any special-shaped All corners can be welded, the welding effect is not easy to be deformed, and it is easy to be polished, which solves the problems of weld penetration, weld bead, welding quality and so on when using argon arc welding;

The current data on the use of handheld laser welding in the kitchenware industry is 40% higher than that of other industries.

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