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Why Laser Welding Machine NOT Welding Well

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Why Laser Welding Machine NOT Welding Well

With the development and maturity of domestic laser technology, laser technology is widely used in various industries, among which laser welding machines are widely used in welding fields, such as: jewelry welding, stainless steel welding, and other material welding. Laser welding has the characteristics of firm welding, small weld seam and high welding efficiency.

fiber laser welding system

Occasionally, the laser welding machine may experience weak welding during daily use, so what is the reason for the weak laser welding?

① The current of the laser welding machine is too small, and the welding time is short

Generally, the welding method of blood oxygen probe adopts short-time high-current welding, which can produce better welding effect. The welding time is determined according to the welding workpiece. Generally, the welding time is controlled at 2-5 cycles, 50 cycles per second. The premise of using this welding time is to use it under the condition of no noise load. After the welding time is set, adjust the welding current. The shorter the time, the greater the welding current.

② Rust of welding workpiece

The rust of the workpiece is also a relatively big problem. When we use a laser welding machine for welding, if the welding workpiece is rusted, then only the rust of the welding workpiece is in contact with the laser welding machine, and the welded product must be unqualified. .

③ Unevenness of the surface of the welding workpiece and the unconnected surface

The laser welding machine has high requirements for the surface of the welding workpiece. Rust, oil or other impurities on the surface of the workpiece may cause the solder joints of the laser welding machine to be weak and loose. Therefore, before laser welding, we must do a good job of removing rust and oil on the workpiece to ensure that the laser welding machine is firm and beautiful.


The solutions to the instability of the laser welding machine are:

① Increase the current to prolong the welding time

② Before using laser welding, check the welding workpiece in detail. If rust is found, remove the rust first.

③ Reasonably do a good job of linking and surface smoothing of the workpiece.

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