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Whether your laser marking machine works well or not depends on these aspects

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Customers will carefully evaluate, compare, and inspect products during the purchase process, hoping to buy high-quality and low-cost products, especially small and medium-sized customers, they need to carefully consider during the purchase process, and distinguish the quality of the fiber laser marking machine. , To avoid investment losses.

Whether the laser marking machine you choose is good or not, you can compare the marking fineness of a laser marking machine, because the higher the fineness, the more exquisite patterns the laser marking machine will mark, which will improve the product’s performance. quality. The method of comparing the fineness of laser marking machine is very simple, directly use the marking machine to mark a thin line. The width of other fine lines is narrower for models with higher fineness.

The components of the laser marking machine include laser, galvanometer, beam expander, lens, control card, power supply, red light, casing, industrial computer, wires, pedals and other auxiliary components, which affect the marking machine to engrave the QR code. The main factors of quality and stability are the laser, galvanometer, and lens. In addition, the control software parameter setting is an important part of the process and one of the factors that affect the processing effect.

In addition, when using laser equipment, the accuracy, engraving effect, speed, and automation, customized fixtures and other requirements must be proposed to the manufacturer in advance, and confirmed during the sample testing and plan production process, so as to avoid purchasing those that do not meet the user's requirements. Marking machine affects user experience. What is considered is the life, stability, portability and after-sales service of the marking machine.

In addition to the above points, we should also compare the marking format, flat field correction, linear compensation and other details of different marking machines according to our own needs to choose a better quality machine. In addition, compare prices according to specific usage conditions to choose a laser marking machine with high cost performance.


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