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What is Fabric Laser Cutting Machine?

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What is Fabric laser cutting machine?

Fabric laser cutting machine is specially designed for the garment industry and the cutting of plush fabrics. It can accurately cut a variety of clothing fabrics with arbitrary graphics. It can be equipped with a feeding device to realize continuous automatic cutting of roll materials. Equipped with smoking on the seal, marking and cutting of the garment pieces are completed at one time, and the smoke generated during cutting is discharged through negative pressure. Negative pressure absorption and crawler transfer worktables make it convenient and quick to receive and feed materials. The cutting fabrics include various materials such as plush fabrics, non-woven fabrics, cotton and linen, chemical fibers and so on. It can be used with clothing photocopying machine to quickly produce samples.

Industry application of fabric laser cutter.

Industry use: shoe pattern processing and cutting, shoe material hollow carving; clothing appliqué, weaving label, trademark cutting, clothing accessories carving, punching, trimming; leather punching, lofting, cutting

Advantages of Garment Laser Cutting Machine.

The dust-free non-woven fabric processed by the laser cutting machine does not turn yellow, automatically closes the edges, does not fray, does not deform, does not become hard, the size is consistent and accurate; there is no burr, the size is standard, and the error is small (±0.1mm) , The effect is soft, without the harshness of high frequency or die-cutting pressure.

 It can cut any complicated shape; high efficiency, low cost, computer-designed graphics, can cut laces of any shape and any size. Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, users only need to design on the computer to realize the laser engraving output and can change the engraving at any time, and they can design and produce products at the same time.

Easy to operate and expandable pattern-making system: the pattern-making system is combined with laser cutting, without the need to output cardboard patterns, only a few key data can be modified to realize the linkage modification of the pattern structure, and it also has left and right shoe patterns. The imaging function can cut left and right foot patterns at the same time. Automatic typesetting function reduces waste.

The fabric laser cutting machine is an automatic feeding and automatic rolling cutting machine specially developed for the plush fabric manufacturing industry. It completely replaces the ancient electric perm process. There is no smoke when working, saving materials, cutting edges without coke, cutting will not lose fluff, and working is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

How to choose Laser cuttting system for fabric?

1. Choose Taiwan Shangyin linear motion guide to ensure that the laser head is smooth, high-speed, and jitter-free during operation. It has the characteristics of small cutting seam, fast speed and high precision, and the accuracy and service life of the equipment are guaranteed.

2. Software automatic typesetting function. After the cutting pattern is designed, the software will automatically typeset, and the material pattern will fit closely to reduce waste.

3. Equipped with Singapore imported metal molybdenum reflective lens and gallium arsenide focusing lens, resistant to sassafras, high temperature, no need for frequent replacement, reducing use cost, fine light spot, uniform light output.

4. The advanced speed change system realizes the function of instantaneous speed change and self-adjusting speed according to the needs of curve and straight line during the cutting process, so that the cutting edge is smooth and the corner curve is natural.

5. The fully enclosed water tank ensures that the water in the circulation and the laser tube is dust-free and clean, prolongs the service life of the laser tube, and effectively reduces the production cost.

Recommended models for plush toys:

The SL1810 toy fabric two-head mutual-moving laser cutting machine adopts a crawler-type working platform. The dual-laser head mutual-moving processing is combined with an automatic discharging system. The cutting speed is fast and the fabric utilization rate is high. It can be equipped with an automatic feeding system to realize continuous feeding and cutting. , Especially suitable for cutting plush materials, composite fabrics and other materials. 100W glass tube sealed off CO2 laser, 1800mm×1000mm crawler working platform, accuracy ±0.01mm, can be equipped with automatic feeding.

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