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What are the reasons for the deformation of the cutting parts of the fiber laser cutting machine

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In the sheet metal processing industry, laser cutting machines are widely used in various industries by virtue of their intelligence, efficiency, and stability. However, during the customer's use, sometimes the cut processed parts are deformed and do not meet the quality requirements, so what are the reasons for the deformation of the processed parts?

First of all, it is necessary to investigate whether it is caused by the improper adjustment of the machine's dimming. Although today's laser cutting machine has relatively high technical content and equipment quality, it still needs professional personnel to check and debug before use. Make sure that there are no problems in all aspects of the equipment before processing operations, so as to minimize the possibility of materials being processed and deformed due to equipment.

The second is to analyze what raw materials are used for cutting. The reflective properties and metal characteristics of the raw materials will also affect the cutting effect to varying degrees. And laser cutting belongs to thermal cutting, thermal cutting is more or less certain deformation, but compared to flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, the deformation is relatively small.

Moreover, the size of the material deformation has a lot to do with the material being cut, the shape of the part, the cutting thickness, and the laser processing technology. For example, in the current laser cutting process, if it is cutting a thin metal plate, it will not appear in theory. Any deformation. Moreover, the shape of the parts to be processed may also cause cutting deformation to a certain extent, and there are many reasons for the deformation, the most important being the change caused by thermal expansion and contraction caused by uneven heating.

The above is the reason for the deformation of the processed parts of the laser cutting machine. It is the experience summarized by the operation engineer in the actual operation process, which is worth learning.

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