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What are the outstanding advantages of CNC fiber laser cutting machine

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The intelligence of the CNC fiber laser cutting machine is reflected in its good solution to the complicated manual operation intervention, reducing the processing error. The operator simply belongs to the drawing to the computer. After the machine tool receives the instruction, it quickly cuts out the desired graphics according to the drawing, ensuring that the accuracy error is within 0.1mm. No matter how complicated the graphics are, they can be processed.

CNC fiber laser cutting machine saves costs

In the earliest days, the most used CNC punch presses, but a fatal weakness for CNC punch presses is that they often need to open molds. The cost is relatively high, and the accuracy is not high. The layout space for the processed materials is limited, which causes a lot of problems. The processed waste increases the cost of production. However, the fiber laser cutting machine uses computer typesetting to maximize the utilization of materials, and it does not require any mold opening costs.

With the development of CNC fiber laser cutting machine and the general application of laser processing technology, more and more fields have begun to increase the production and use of CNC fiber laser cutting machine. Under the continuous development and innovation of laser companies in the future, the future of my country The laser cutting machine industry will definitely open a new chapter.

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