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Want to be precise and free of burrs? Laser drilling is OK!

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Sheet metal processing generally includes cutting, welding, punching and other methods, among which punching is more complicated and requires higher equipment.

The traditional punching methods include punching, drill drilling and so on. Now with the advancement of science and technology, laser head drilling has gradually become popular. The laser head has many advantages. The laser head can punch holes of almost any thickness. The drilling speed is hundreds of times that of drilling. The cutting surface is double-sided. They are all smooth and can be punched in any shape drawn by the computer.

Laser drilling is a laser processing technology that has achieved practicality very early, and it is also one of the main application areas of laser processing. Traditional processing methods for materials with high hardness and high melting point can no longer meet certain process requirements. This type of processing task is difficult, sometimes even impossible, with conventional mechanical processing methods, while laser drilling is not difficult to achieve.

The laser beam is highly concentrated in space and time. Using a lens to focus, the spot diameter can be reduced to the micron level to obtain the laser power density. Such a high power density can be used for laser drilling in almost any material. And compared with other methods such as mechanical drilling, electric discharge machining and other conventional drilling methods, it has the following significant advantages: laser drilling speed is high, efficiency is high, and economic benefits are good.

Since laser drilling uses a high-power density laser beam to instantaneously act on the material, the acting time is only 10-3-10-5s. Therefore, the laser drilling speed is very fast. The high-efficiency laser is combined with a high-precision machine tool and control system, and the program is controlled by a microprocessor to achieve high-efficiency drilling. Laser drilling and EDM drilling on different workpieces Compared with mechanical drilling, the efficiency is increased by l0-1000 times.

As the demand for high-precision machining increases, related precision machining technologies are also developing rapidly. Among them, laser precision drilling technology is gaining more and more recognition in the market. At present, laser precision drilling is the most widely used in the PCB industry. Compared with the traditional PCB drilling process, the laser not only has a faster processing speed on the PCB, but also realizes small holes, micro holes and invisible holes below 2μm that cannot be achieved by traditional equipment. Hole drilling. On the surface of electronic products, it can also be used to drill holes in mobile phone speakers, microphones and other glass.

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