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Tips for laser pipe cutting machine maintenance

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Any equipment will have corresponding loss during use. If you want the equipment to always maintain a high performance, it is necessary to maintain the equipment on a regular basis. The laser pipe cutting machine is also the same in use. In addition to the maintenance of the machine bed, the maintenance of the chuck is also extremely important. Next, I will introduce a few tips for the maintenance of the laser pipe cutting machine.

laser pipe cutting machine

1. Lubrication treatment of the chuck, regularly apply lubricant to the chuck to ensure that the chuck can still have a higher accuracy when it is moving. Pay attention to the lubrication. Incorrect lubrication may cause the pneumatic chuck to not work normally at low air pressure, weaken the clamping force, poor clamping accuracy, abnormal wear or jam, so pay attention to the correct lubrication operation when lubricating .

2. Use molybdenum disulfide grease, usually black grease, inject the grease into the nozzle of the chuck until the grease overflows the jaw surface or the inner hole of the chuck. If the chuck is operated at a high speed for a long time or uses oxygen-assisted processing for a long time, more lubrication is required, and the lubrication frequency must be adjusted according to the actual working conditions.

3. After the processing is completed at regular intervals, a high-pressure air gun needs to be used to treat the dust and residue at the chuck itself and the slideway. It is recommended to clean the chuck jaws once every 3-6 months to keep the surface clean and lubricate. Check the parts for cracks and wear, and replace them when they are severely worn. After checking, lubricate the clamping jaws correctly and use them after installation.

laser pipe cutting machine

4. Special workpieces or non-standard workpieces need to be clamped and processed with a specific chuck. The standard laser tube cutting chuck is suitable for symmetrical closed tubes. If you barely use it to clamp irregular or strange workpieces, the chuck will be abnormal; if the air supply pressure of the chuck is too high, the chuck will be under high pressure or after shutting down. The chuck will also clamp the workpiece, which will reduce the life of the chuck and cause problems such as excessive chuck gap.

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5. Prevent the exposed metal of the chuck from rusting. Rust prevention is another key point. The rust of the chuck will reduce the clamping force and cannot clamp the workpiece, which will seriously affect the production accuracy and efficiency.

Do a good job in the maintenance of the chuck to make the chuck more durable, and the performance of the laser pipe cutting machine is consistent, so as to better create wealth.

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