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"Three major actions" help Raycus Laser's high-quality development

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Recently, Raycus Laser (300747) has continued to exert force and move frequently, launching a comprehensive advanced offensive for high-quality development. First, on December 9th, the "Announcement on the Acquisition of Minority Shareholders of Holding Subsidiaries" and the "Announcement on the Company's Proposal to Sign the Project Investment Agreement with the Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee Tieshan District People's Government". Subsequently, on December 10, the opening ceremony of the first domestic 100kW ultra-high power industrial fiber laser and supporting equipment jointly developed with Nanhua University was successfully held. The "three major actions" promote the upgrade of the development strategy.

1. Control core: 100% holding of Ruixin optical fiber, boosting the upgrade of core components

Raycus Laser intends to acquire its holding subsidiary Wuhan Ruixin Special Optical Fiber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ruixin Optical Fiber") minority shareholder Hubei High-tech Industry (300832) Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Mr. Zhou Yiming with its own funds of RMB 62.4 million Hold 15% of the equity and sign the "Equity Transfer Agreement." After the completion of this acquisition, Raycus Laser will hold 100% equity of Ruixin Fiber, and Ruixin Fiber will become its wholly-owned subsidiary.

Ruixin Fiber Optics was established on October 29, 2013. Its business scope includes: research, development, production, sales, maintenance services, technical consulting of optical fibers, special fibers and optical and optoelectronic components; goods import and export, technology import and export, agency Import and export (excluding goods or technologies that are prohibited or restricted by the state).

The acquisition of the minority shareholders of Ruixin Fiber Optic is aimed at further strengthening the company's control over its subsidiaries, improving decision-making efficiency, boosting the upgrade of core components, and better exploring the regional market.

Scale expansion: 5 billion investment in the construction of an intelligent laser manufacturing base to help the company's high-quality development

In order to further implement Raycus Laser's development strategy, implement the overall industrial development space layout plan, meet future market demand, increase market share, and reduce the company's comprehensive manufacturing costs, the company plans to sign a project with the Tieshan District People's Government of the Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee Investment agreement to invest in "Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Base Project". The company invests in construction through self-raised funds. The total investment of the project is 5 billion yuan, of which the fixed asset investment is 3 billion yuan. The construction is planned to be completed in two phases within seven years.

This laser intelligent manufacturing base project mainly produces and sells various types of lasers, laser core devices, etc. The project is planned to be located in Tieshan District, Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total land area of about 404 mu. The actual area and scope are subject to the planned red line.

Among them, the land area for the first phase of the project is about 215 acres, and the reserved land area for the second phase is about 189 acres. After the first phase of the project is completed and put into operation, Party A will provide Raycus Laser with the second phase of project land before December 2022. The project is industrial land, and the land use right is 50 years old. Party A completes the construction of the first phase of the Laser Industrial Park and leases it to Raycus Laser to meet its industrial development needs and provide industrial development support in accordance with this agreement.

3. Strong alliance: The 100kW laser is jointly developed by the school and the enterprise, and the laser technology has reached a high level

On the morning of December 10, the opening ceremony of China's first 100kW ultra-high power industrial fiber laser and supporting equipment jointly developed by Raycus Laser and Nanhua University was successfully held at Nanhua University. This laser is currently the largest power industrial fiber laser in China and the second largest power industrial laser in the world. It will be mainly used in high-end applications such as the welding of thick pipes of nuclear facility pipelines, the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities in a radiological environment, the surface decontamination of nuclear contaminated devices, and the glass curing treatment of high-level liquid waste.

This 100kW ultra-high-power laser took more than six months to develop. It mainly includes three core components of the new generation R-QS output cable, ultra-high power combiner and intelligent control system. A number of technical bottlenecks such as the high matching of output end caps and high-power laser output heads have been eliminated, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, and greatly improving the level of my country's large-scale equipment manufacturing.

Under the situation of intensified homogeneity competition and serious industry involvement, Raycus Laser has always insisted on making quality products, and through intensified research and development efforts, continuous expansion of multiple application fields, and gradually become a product matrix covering "full band, full power, full range" Application" fiber laser R&D, production and service provider. Just as Raycus launched a number of high-end new products at the two new product launch conferences held in 2021, which are used in new fields such as precision processing, photovoltaic solar energy, and 3D printing. In addition, in the first three quarters of the report, the company's revenue increased by 74.98% year-on-year. This is inseparable from Raycus' strategy of deploying in the high-end market.

Under the normalization of the epidemic situation, China's laser market is still gaining momentum. According to the forecast of "Laser Manufacturers", the scale of the industrial laser market is expected to grow by more than 20% in 2021. The promotion of industrial policies, the continuous expansion of market demand and the initial formation of the laser industry chain will bring better results to the Chinese laser industry. Development Opportunities. In the future, ultra-fast laser, laser welding, laser cleaning, 3D printing and laser + supporting automation equipment may become the next growth point of China's laser industry. Raycus's recent three major actions are a strong grasp of the development trend of the entire industry, which will help the high-quality development of my country's laser industry, and upgrade the laser industry to empower intelligent manufacturing.

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