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The laser welding market continues to expand, with a scale of up to 13 billion

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As a modern welding technology, laser welding has the advantages of fast speed, small deformation, not too high requirements for the welding environment, high power density, not affected by magnetic fields, not limited to conductive materials, working conditions that do not require vacuum, and the welding process It does not produce X-rays and other advantages, and is currently widely used in high-end precision manufacturing fields such as automobiles, ships, and aerospace.

The laser welding market is booming, and domestic substitution is the general trend. Faced with the impact of the epidemic in 2020, although the overall gross profit margin of China's laser industry has declined, the scale of the industry and industry revenue have once again shown new breakthroughs. Among them, the market size of China's laser welding equipment industry has reached 13 billion yuan, which is growing rapidly. The trend of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is obvious, and the welding sector of non-metallic materials is also growing rapidly.

With the transformation and upgrading of my country's manufacturing industry, the requirements of many industries for product welding quality continue to increase. In this context, the application penetration rate of laser welding in many industries continues to rise, especially in the processing and manufacturing of metal materials and parts. Its penetration rate is at a relatively high level. Among them, the automobile industry is an important application market for laser welding in my country.

Fortunately, the high-power welding field has also begun to gradually use domestic light sources, and the growth prospects are considerable. In industries such as lithium battery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, and ship manufacturing, laser welding, as an important link in the manufacturing process, has also ushered in opportunities for development. With the continuous improvement of the performance of domestic lasers and the need for large-scale manufacturing to reduce costs, the opportunity for domestic fiber lasers to replace imports has come.

Under the background that domestic fiber lasers are ushering in large-scale substitution of imports, domestic laser companies continue to develop and customize laser products and solutions suitable for different needs, which have won praise from the market.

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