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The fiber laser cutting machine industry is undergoing a new round of transformation and upgrading

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According to overseas market research institutions, the global fiber laser cutting machine market will grow at a CAGR of about 7-8% in the next few years, and will reach 2.35 billion US dollars by 2024. The demand for fiber laser cutting machines in North America and Europe will continue to grow, thereby driving the market's demand for more advanced fiber laser cutting machines. At the same time, the increase in expenditures in the automotive field, the increasingly competitive environment for lasers, the launch of new products, the increase in general industrial expenditures, the advancement of the conversion process between new and old kinetic energy, and the increasing application scenarios and usage of fiber laser cutting machines... these Factors will promote the growth of the Chinese market. In recent years, due to China's technological position in the field of fiber laser cutting machines, its production share in the market has increased year by year, and it has performed prominently in the global fiber laser cutting machine industry.

Judging from the current development situation, fiber lasers will still be the main source of light sources for industrial applications in the next 5-10 years, and they have a solid position in terms of functionality and application universality. According to the data of the Laser Processing Committee, in 2020, from the perspective of the laser cutting market, the output value increased by 15% compared with 2019, and the installed capacity of equipment increased by 40%; below 10,000 watts, domestic light sources occupy the mainstream; domestic light sources 12kW power laser cutting machine , 1500 units have been installed. At present, the domestic laser cutting process, supporting components, software and hardware are all being further optimized, the cutting efficiency has been significantly improved, and the domestic 40kW light source has been sold. In the future, with the help of new infrastructure including construction machinery applications, Dongfeng will continue to drive laser cutting equipment represented by fiber laser cutting machines to usher in a new round of growth.

At present, laser bevel cutting is also a hot spot, and many domestic companies have begun to invest in research and development and have achieved remarkable results. Equipped with a bevel cutting function on high-power laser equipment, it can complete bevel processing completed in multiple processes such as traditional cutting, welding, milling, etc., greatly improving processing efficiency, improving product quality, improving workpiece accuracy, and saving resources and costs , And the ability to flexibly cut special-shaped materials with different thicknesses is of great benefit to the promotion of technological innovation and equipment upgrades in the application industry.

It is true that high-power fiber lasers play a leading role in the field of macro processing. Laser cutting currently occupies a large market. With the development of fiber lasers, laser cutting equipment has become a standard product. Since 2019, the cost performance of 10,000-watt fiber lasers has begun to break through the dominance of plasma and flame processing in the field of thick plates and other metal processing, opening up the accelerated replacement of traditional contact-type, low-precision metal processing methods. In the past two years, in the field of metal cutting, fiber lasers have continued to develop toward higher power, gradually replacing traditional cutting solutions in terms of cutting thickness and speed, as well as environmental protection and safety.

Another market for laser processing is the 10,000-watt high-power laser processing market. The market size of this part in 2020 is approximately US$2.1 billion, and it will show a steady upward trend in the next five years. Among kilowatt applications, metal cutting applications currently account for 70% of the market; the other two types of applications are metal welding and additive manufacturing. Although some insiders predict that the metal welding market is expected to surpass the cutting market in the future, in the next 5 years, in terms of sales revenue, metal cutting applications will grow the fastest. It is estimated that by 2022, 10,000-watt fiber lasers will be used in metal cutting applications. Will receive 2.5 billion US dollars in revenue.

Undoubtedly, the fiber laser cutting machine industry is undergoing a new round of transformation and upgrading. In the future, if the industry is to gain more momentum for development, it needs to continue to climb new peaks. For example, to expand the functional versatility of equipment, modular design and multi-module combination design can be adopted to realize new equipment suitable for different materials and processes. In addition, equipped with a higher level of intelligence, automation, digital technology, as well as original crafts and solutions, fiber laser cutting equipment is used in new infrastructure, rail transit, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, engineering machinery, medical equipment, kitchen and bathroom Hardware, lighting industry, sheet metal processing and many other fields will usher in more uses, continue to make efforts to achieve industry upgrades and high-end substitution; escort high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency and high-flexibility processing and manufacturing .

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