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The difference between fiber laser cutting machine and ordinary machine tool

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Laser cutting machines have been widely used in all walks of life, bringing a lot of convenience to the processing and manufacturing industry. So what are the advantages of laser cutting machine compared with ordinary machine tools? Where are the advantages? Next, let me give you a brief introduction.

The application of laser cutting machine in the metal industry can reduce the number of processing steps for products. The efficiency of the product has been significantly improved, and the delivery time has also become faster. A laser cutting machine can replace machining centers, special fixtures, punching machines, etc., and can also reduce The cost of workers. Reduce the waste caused by human operation errors and greatly improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

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The traditional processing technology requires the production of mold machine tools, etc. There are many processing procedures, which lengthens the production cycle. Under the high cost and expense of mold investment, the effect may not be as good as laser cutting. Moreover, in the later modification, if it is a traditional process that each modification will waste a lot of time, laser cutting is more flexible and can continuously modify the product design according to customer requirements.

Laser cutting is easy to produce new product research and development, and the production cycle is short. It will be more convenient to trial production of new samples after the mold opening and other processes are eliminated. It only needs to make different graphics on the large version, and then let the laser cutting machine follow the processing route. Just keep running.

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Compared with traditional plate cutting, laser cutting will produce higher-quality cuts, the cutting speed is also greatly improved, and it can be cut into any shape, and it can cut a wide range of materials.

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