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Seven Misunderstandings of Laser Cutting Machine Selection

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What is the most important thing for users who buy laser equipment? Is it funding? Still the market. NO, neither is it. Capital and market are necessary factors, but not important factors. Choosing the right processing equipment suitable for your company and market development is the key to winning the market!

With the development of technology and the market, the power of laser cutting machines is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more manufacturers. Coupled with the uneven professionalism of sales staff, it is easy for customers to enter many misunderstandings when choosing laser cutting machines. , Mr. Hua Ye reminded as follows:

Misunderstanding one

Same power, similar configuration, low price is preferred

⑴ Domestic lasers PK each other: the same power, the prices of different brands are quite different.

⑵Imported laser PK domestic laser: The surface configuration is similar, but the actual situation is different (the price is low, the corresponding input cost is lower, the configuration and raw materials are different, and the stability of the equipment is different. Although the surface is saving money, the actual There may be frequent problems during the use process, causing more actual losses, and the gains outweigh the losses.)

Misunderstanding 2

The same thickness, different power sections have the ability to cut, then choose low power

For example, for cutting 10mm carbon steel, lasers with power above 2000W have cutting capabilities. So is it enough to choose a 2000W laser? actually not! Different power sections have different efficiency when cutting 10mm carbon steel. The power needs to be determined according to factors such as budget, capacity requirements, and product characteristics.

Misunderstanding three

Want to buy a universal machine

Many people only buy one laser device, but hope to integrate all the functions into one, which can solve the problem of pipe cutting, plate cutting, and other special-shaped parts. The result is that in order to meet various functional requirements, the main functions of the device itself have to be sacrificed. In the end, although all the functions are available, all the functions are not refined. The laser cutting machine is a universal device, it is not a universal device.

Misunderstanding four

Optimal in-plant installment payment

Many customers regard in-plant installment as a major condition for selecting equipment, but the actual in-plant installment down payment ratio is relatively high, which increases the pressure on funds. At present, the financial market is well-developed, and it is recommended to choose the financial leasing method:

⑴The minimum down payment for financial leasing is 10%;

⑵Insured is purchased for all financial leasing equipment, and the equipment can be compensated if the equipment is damaged due to natural disasters and man-made disasters (for example, in the Henan flood in mid-July, many equipment were flooded, but all equipment under financial leasing was compensated).

⑶ The third party has supervision of quality and service, and their intervention can avoid unattended status;

⑷The use of financial products can continuously improve the credibility of individuals and enterprises. When the company develops and grows in the later stage, it needs to purchase more and larger equipment, and the amount of money will be higher. The processing will be more convenient and an additional financing channel will be added.

Misunderstanding 5

The higher the power, the thicker the cutting thickness

The higher the power, only the ability to cut thicker plates. However, due to material properties, cutting efficiency, cooling technology, etc., whether the cutting quality can meet the requirements of actual production, this needs to be clearly understood. Laser cutting equipment is a sheet metal processing equipment. It has unique advantages when applied to the cutting of medium and thick plates. Too thick plates belong to the category of machining and require machining equipment.

Misunderstanding 6

Same brand, same power, the faster the cutting speed, the better

Theoretically, the fastest linear cutting speed for lasers of the same brand and power is the same. If the parameter is greater than the fastest speed in the market, it is fraud.

Misunderstanding 7

Imported is the best

Laser cutting machines have been developed in the country for decades, and the product quality has been verified in the market for a long time. At the same time, the corresponding parts and components also have relatively mature suppliers in China. Whether in terms of cost performance, performance or service, domestic products are also available. Certain advantages.

Correct selection. There are many factors that affect the selection of laser cutting equipment. It is necessary to consider the maximum size and material of the currently processed workpiece, the maximum thickness to be cut and the size of the raw material width, and the future development direction, such as the technical modification of the product. The size of the largest workpiece to be processed later, the breadth of the material provided by the steel market, which is the most economical, and the loading and unloading time.

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