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New skill get-how to properly maintain the laser?

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In recent days, the temperature has gradually increased and the hot summer is approaching. In order to prevent the laser from being used in high-temperature environments from high temperature alarms, light failure, leakage, weak light and other unstable phenomena (such as long-term high-temperature operation will shorten the life of the internal pump source) ), to avoid the premature weakening of the laser power, to ensure that the laser can work normally, Chuangxin Laser warmly reminds customers and friends to take the following ventilation and cooling measures in advance.

Maintenance measures for air-cooled series (marking 10W~50W)

1.When installing the laser, do not place the laser's air inlet or outlet too close to the casing, leave enough space to ensure air circulation.

laser marking machine

2. A cooling fan must be installed inside the chassis to allow the air inside the chassis to achieve convection. If the indoor ambient temperature exceeds 30°C, it is recommended to install an air conditioner to prevent the laser from working at high temperatures.

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3. Maintain the laser regularly, blow the air inlet and outlet of the laser with an air gun every month, and clean the dust-proof net on the cabinet regularly to prevent the air outlet of the laser from being blocked by dust and affecting heat dissipation.

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Air-cooled series (200W~300W) assembly space requirements

1. The air duct of the system is independent, otherwise the air duct will be short-circuited, as shown in the pink tip of Figure 1.

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2. Spacing A, B requirements:

A. If the cabinet has openings in the area corresponding to the product inlet and outlet, the size is not required. The red air duct as shown in Figure 1;

B. If the air duct is shown in Figure 2, the dimensions A and B are not less than 50mm.

C. The system wind path is too long, resulting in excessive system wind resistance, which affects the heat dissipation performance of the product;

D. Add a dust-proof net to the air inlet of the system, which will affect the thermal performance of the product by 5-10°C.

      E. It is recommended to clean the dust filter every two weeks or one week according to the environmental conditions.

laser marking machine

Medium power water cooling series maintenance measures

1. Change the water and filter element regularly (3 months as a cycle, use distilled water).

2. The best setting of the chiller temperature is about 26 degrees (when the temperature is set too high, the cooling power is not enough, the laser will frequently alert the alarm, and the internal components of the laser will be damaged by condensation if it is too low).

3. It is recommended that the cabinet be installed in an air-conditioned room. The room temperature in the air-conditioned room is set at 26°C and the humidity is kept below 50% to ensure the constant temperature of the electrical appliances inside the cabinet.

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