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Maintenance tips for laser cutting machine in high temperature summer

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The summer high temperature is approaching, and many laser cutting machines will generate a lot of heat during work, causing some failures. Therefore, when using the laser cutting machine in summer, be careful to prepare the equipment to cool down. In high temperature conditions, people will suffer from heatstroke, and machinery is no exception. To prevent heatstroke and maintain the laser cutting machine can extend the service life of the equipment.


Water cooling equipment


The water cooler is a necessary cooling equipment for laser cutting machines. In high temperature environments, the deterioration rate of the coolant is very fast. It is recommended to use distilled water and pure water as the coolant. During use, it is necessary to clean the scale attached to the laser and the pipe regularly to prevent the accumulation of scale from causing the blockage of the coolant and affecting the cooling of the laser. The water temperature of the coolant should not be too different from the room temperature to avoid condensation due to excessive temperature differences. As the temperature gradually rises in summer, the working pressure of the cooling system of the laser cutting machine increases sharply. It is recommended to check and maintain the internal pressure of the cooler before the high temperature comes. , Adjust in time to adapt to high temperature weather.

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Lubrication treatment


All transmission parts need to be wiped and dusted frequently to ensure that the equipment is clean and clean, so that the equipment runs more smoothly. Lubricant needs to be filled between the guide rails and gears. The filling time interval should be adjusted, which is about twice as short as the spring and autumn season. And often observe the oil quality. For machinery working in high temperature areas, the viscosity level of the oil should be appropriately increased. The temperature of the fat oil is easy to change, and the oil should be properly added to ensure lubrication without debris. Carefully check the cutting table of the laser cutting machine and the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine, and if it is found to be abnormal, it will be maintained and debugged in time.

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Line check


Check and replace aging wires, plugs, hoses and connectors. Check whether there is any looseness in the connector pins of the electrical components, and tighten them in time to avoid electrical burnout and unstable signal transmission caused by poor contact.

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The equipment has a certain amount of loss during use, especially when the high temperature summer is coming, protect the laser cutting machine and keep it in good condition at all times to bring you greater benefits.

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