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Let's talk about the laser engraving and cutting technology of two-color plates

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The two-color plate is a color composite sculpture composed of two or more layers dedicated to engineering plastics. Its size is generally 6001200mm, and there are several brand specifications 600900mm. The stable quality and variety of American ROWMARK are recognized as the best products. The finished engraving two-color board is usually used for signs and badges in different directions, which have a uniform color, clear patterns, and durability. In the palette, it can be divided into two categories: mechanical and laser, some of which can also be used for laser engraving with board machines. Laser engraving board is characterized by: the surface color of the board is thin (<0.1 mm), which is thinner than the printing plate (laser plate is generally 1.3 mm to 0.8 mm, and the mechanical plate is generally 1.5 mm). When users buy a two-color board, if they are not sure whether they can use a laser engraving and cutting machine, they can consult the dealer or take a small piece to try first. If the surface color of the circuit board is very thin, laser engraving is generally applicable, such as surface color If it is thicker, you can try twice with a laser engraving and cutting machine.

  If you use laser engraving, the effect will be very good, with a clear contrast and sharp edges. When using a thin surface mechanical board, the laser engraving effect is not much different. If you look closely, the edge may not be as clear as the laser board. Users generally don't use the kind of mechanical board with a thicker surface, otherwise, the laser power should be adjusted lower, and the engraving can be repeated to clear the bottom surface during the day, and the final effect may not be too good. On a two-color board with a large contrast (such as a black and white board), engraving grayscale images can be designed. After a large number of carvings, the two-color plate itself may be deformed, and it can be leveled by hand after heating with hot water.

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