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Laser technology helps the home appliance industry to innovate and upgrade

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From traditional offline retail to the upgrade of the e-commerce battle, from simply pursuing quantitative growth to seeking quality guarantees, the home appliance industry is undergoing profound changes, constantly adapting innovative craftsmanship to meet people’s pursuit of quality life, and this Everything is inseparable from the application of laser technology.

Laser cutting is mainly used in the electrical industry to cut thin steel plate parts in the appearance of sheet metal parts and the installation of complete sets of electrical components. In home appliances and electrical products, metal sheet-processed parts account for almost 30% of all product parts.

The traditional cutting, corner cutting, hole opening and trimming processes are relatively backward, which directly affects product quality and production costs. Because the laser cutting machine adopts "non-contact processing", there is no need to open the mold, which saves costs. The processing graphics are made by software and the patterns are diverse.

Such as the cutting of metal fittings and metal covers for air conditioners; cutting and perforating the bottom or back heat dissipation net plate of the refrigerator; Labor intensity brings better production efficiency to manufacturers.

Advanced laser technology has made many household appliances for daily use and has facilitated people's lives. In the future, more home appliances will enter the era of intelligence, with richer functions, cooler appearances, and more refined designs. Laser technology will also shine in this process, helping the home appliance industry to innovate and upgrade.

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