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Laser machine control card MPC03-LV

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MPC03LV is a motion control card specially developed for laser engraving and cutting control system. It makes full use of the high-speed data processing capability of DSP and the powerful logic processing capability of FPGA to successfully solve the technical bottleneck problem that has plagued the laser processing industry for many years.

Combined with the technological characteristics of laser engraving and cutting equipment, MPC03LV has specially optimized the control scheme, which greatly improves the processing speed, motion stability and system stability. It is an ideal hardware platform for developing laser engraving and cutting control systems.

laser cutting machine

Performance characteristics

• DSP independent operating subsystem

• PCI bus

• 3-axis stepper or digital servo control

• Pulse output speed up to 7.5Mpps

• Trapezoidal, S-shaped acceleration and deceleration

• Circular, elliptical and helical interpolation

• Can output pulse/direction or double pulse signal

•Each axis has interfaces such as origin, deceleration and limit switches

• 1 channel laser switch control output

• 1 channel laser power PWM control output

• Laser control interface can realize glass tube and RF tube control

• The motion control interface cooperates with the laser control interface to realize laser cutting control

•By changing the graphics processing method of the user software, using the laser engraving data and laser power interface with simple motion control functions, ordinary high-speed engraving, high-speed engraving of true grayscale images and slope engraving applied to the engraving and printing industry can be realized

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