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Laser engraving + seaweed = unexpected creative Japanese food!

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Speaking of Japanese food, seaweed sushi should be the most representative type of food. Among the dazzling array of Japanese cuisine, its unique shape and taste occupies a standing position in the gourmet world! Nippon Umino Seaweed Shop uses laser hollowed out creative seaweed to make this traditional Japanese food look more flavorful and ingenious!

Laser engraving machine

Behind each pattern of seaweed symbolize its own meaning

Cherry blossoms symbolize beauty, water jade symbolizes luck

Asaba symbolizes growth, and tortoise shell symbolizes longevity

Perfectly carved on the seaweed thin as a cicada's wings by laser

As elegant as a traditional Japanese painting

Laser engraving machine

Neat and rhythmic pictures

Push sushi to another level

The dark green seaweed forms a strong contrast with the snow white rice

At first glance, it's like wearing a gorgeous kimono for sushi

Laser engraving machine

The perfect match between laser technology and seaweed

It's so exquisite that you can't stand it!

However, the application of laser hollow seaweed is far more than this

Any dishes such as bento, rice balls, udon noodles, etc.

Just use a piece of creative seaweed to achieve gorgeous transformation

Satisfy your skillful hands, awaken your taste buds

Experience the ultimate journey of Japanese food

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