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Laser cutting machine safety requirements.

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Laser cutting machine safety requirements: 

Preparation before work 

1. Wear labor protection products as required

2. Check for insecure factors around the equipment. 

3. must be in accordance with the "laser cutting machine daily inspection table" to check and fill in the records; meet the requirements before you can start work. 

4. Check whether all parts of the equipment are normal, including wind, water, electricity and light. 

5. The opening, adjustment and closing of the laser should be carried out according to the operation manual. The sequence and precautions of the laser cutting machine must be   operated in accordance with the "Operation Procedures for Laser Cutting Machines".1. Start up and run empty, and confirm that the equipment has no abnormality before working. 2. The various gas inlet pressures specified shall not exceed the following values: 8.1 Nitrogen Max. 3.0MPa (30bar) 8.2 Oxygen Max. 1.0MPa (10bar) 

During work

  1. The equipment shall not be operated if:

    1.1 Extra long (3000mm), extra wide (1500mm), extra thick (20mm or more)

    1.2 When the program is unreasonably causing a collision with the cutting head:

    1.3 The quality of the cutting parts is extremely poor (such as serious corrosion);

    1.4 The operator believes that cutting is prone to problems;

2. Ensure that all processing parameters are correct, and the moving body of the equipment does not collide with the tooling, workpiece, and residual materials; 

3. Monitor the operation status of the equipment at any time. If there is any abnormality, stop the inspection immediately. 

4. The operator should wear laser protective glasses to observe the working condition, and should not use the eye to look directly. 

5. When the machine is running, it must be supervised by the operator. 

After work 

  1. Turn off the equipment and power main switch, and cut off the kinetic energy supply:

  2, the tool should be set to store, the workpiece is placed neatly and firmly: 

  3. Clean up the work site and confirm that there are no unsafe factors around the equipment. 

  4. Turn off the power and main power of the machine in turn. 

  5. Clean the site hygiene, fill in the equipment usage record, and transfer the shift record.

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