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Laser cut hollow lampshade, light up delicate life

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Various forms of hollow lighting are coming

Lamps play an important role in modern home life

The role of lighting is no longer limited to lighting

More often used to create atmosphere and decorate the space

Laser cutting lighting

Add luster to the home living space

laser cutting machine

laser cutting machine

Laser engraving machine

Laser cutting machine

If you don’t use the laser for creativity, you don’t know how beautiful the lampshade can be at home?

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine

Laser cut lampshade shows the effect of light and shadow interaction

The light irradiates different rays from the laser cutout graphics

Create a detailed and beautiful personalized lampshade

Advantages of laser cutting machine used in non-metallic lampshade processing industry:

●Using non-contact processing, no direct impact on lighting materials, no mold loss;

●It is not limited by the complexity of the pattern, the processing speed is fast, the precision is high, and the cutting end face is beautiful.

co2 laser cutting machine for steel

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