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How to disassemble and install the galvanometer of laser marking machine

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After using the laser marking machine for a period of time, there may be problems such as the laser marking machine being unable to mark normally or not emitting light. After careful investigation, we found that there was a problem with the vibrating lens.

At this time, we need to remove the galvanometer and send it to the manufacturer or the designated repair station for repair and maintenance, and then the repair will be completed. You have to install the galvanometer. This article is mainly about removing the galvanometer and installing the galvanometer.

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The steps to remove the galvanometer are as follows:

1. Under the condition that the power is completely cut off, disassemble the power cord connector of the marking head. If some styles do not have this connector, you can ignore it.

2. Remove the field lens, protect it and cover it. During the operation, no items such as fingers can collide with the field lens, especially the lens.

3. Use hardware tools, usually pickpockets for inner corners, unscrew the marking head, and be careful, in case the removed shell plate is connected to the galvanometer drive plate to prevent excessive pulling.

4. Unplug all the wires, power supply wires, signal wires, and wires from the motor to the drive board.

5. Remove the drive board, pack it and put it away, then remove the Y motor and X motor, and pay attention to packing it. Pack the driver board and the X and Y motors together, so that the task of removing the galvanometer is completed, and it can be sent to a place where it can be repaired.

The steps to install the galvanometer are as follows:

1. Install Y motor and X motor first, and ensure that they can not collide with each other at any angle.

2. Install two drive boards.

3. After connecting all the connections, test and adjust the angle and depth of the galvanometer motor to ensure that the final laser output center position is the center of the field lens.

4. Clean up the connection, and arrange the length of the wire, and then mark all the covers of the marking head on the box.

5. After connecting the external connection, you can restart the machine. At this time, the galvanometer installation of the laser coding machine is completed.

This tutorial is applicable to all series of laser marking machines.

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