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How to cut T Shirt by Laser cutter with CCD?

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How to cut T Shirt by Laser cutter with CCD?

Sport T Shirt cutting requirements?

1.Scanning the T shirt design,and identify the edge automatically

2.Laser head cut  along the edge 

3.Auto feeding for cloth in roll.

Machine characteristics

SIEME CCD large ccd camera laser cutting machine for fabric cloth with conveyor platform  

 Large-format multi-patterns can be captured and cut at one time, and large patterns and detailed corners can also be accurately identified. High precision and fast speed.

1. Visual positioning system, accurately find the frame, precise cutting 

2. Super list reverse large format multi-pattern one-time multi-pattern capture frame

3. Fully automatic whole material, feeding, automatic edge finding and cutting 

4. Automatic correction, the printed pattern after deformation You can also find edge cuttingdopts high-list reverse camera to realize large-format multiple images at one time

Support graphic formats: DWD, DXF, JPGE, PCX, AI, TIFF, PLT, CDR, BMP, GIF

Applicable industries and materials of digital printing laser cutting machine:

Clothing, packaging, models, car seat cutting, snow boots and slippers cutting, pillow hand warmers cutting, clothing appliqués, woven labels, trademark cutting

, Clothing accessories, engraving, punching, trimming, leather punching, lofting, cutting, plexiglass, plastic, PVC, paper, wood, bamboo, etc.

Cutting: wood, bamboo, leather, ceramics, marble carving

General industry:

Printing and engraving, clothing, leather goods, furniture, toys, advertising, decoration, handicrafts, architectural decoration, models, electrical appliances, plastics, home furnishing fabrics

, Handbags, gloves, computer embroidery tailoring, packaging and paper industries

Applicable materials:

Trademark, cloth, leather, wood, bamboo tube, paper, acrylic, plexiglass, rubber, plastic, wool, ceramic tile, crystal, jade


How to choose auto feeding ccd camera computerized embroidery textile leather wool felt cotton home fabric laser cutting machine?

Sublimation Fabric Laser Cutter for Sportswear


Working Area 1600X1000mm/1800x1000mm

Power 100W/130W

Single heads or double heads.and there are double beams CCD visual laser cutter for your optional 

Advantages of Big visual CCD laser cutting machine for t shirt 

1.Automatic without manual intervention
2. Directly detect roll printed fabrics.
3. No required the original graphics files.
4. Recognition within 

5 seconds on the whole cutting area.


Working Area 1600X2000mm/1600x2600mm/1600x3000mm

Our SL1626 CCD adopt in Print Sublimation,the vision laser cutter cutting down the sportsware. 

It adopt double beams,Double heads can cut at the same time to save time. 

And SL1626CCD is with auto feeding table.You can set on software making machine feeding automatically and scanning design automatically,then auto cut down.Save time and save labor.

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