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Featured! Ten common problems of laser engraving and cutting machine

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For industries that use laser engraving machines for a long time, or DIY enthusiasts, there will always be more or less problems in contact with laser engraving. For different materials, the parameters and usage methods of laser engraving are also different. So, how to adjust these to achieve the desired effect? This issue brings you ten common questions about laser engraving, and provides suggestions for different materials and how to use the machine.

1. Some carving suggestions about solid wood and hardwood?

When engraving hardwood, we recommend to cover the surface of the wood, so as to reduce the infiltration of residue into the engraving area and make it easier to clean.

Use the "bottom to top" engraving mode. The working mode of the laser head can be changed in the laser software RDwork we use, which allows you to engrave from bottom to top instead of the usual top to bottom engraving. The advantage of this is that it can reduce the smoke and debris being drawn into the engraving area when the laser head moves.

After carving, use some glue remover to clean it. Because the gum of hardwood will turn black when burned by high temperature.

2. Is it really possible to carve glass? What are the techniques?

The first thing to know is that not all glass is flat. Although you may think that you need to buy some more expensive and high-end glass to get better results, it is not actually the case. We have many customers who use wholesaler glassware for carving, but the carving effect is also very good.

Glass laser engraving

We give you some suggestions for engraving glass:

. Use a lower resolution, about 300DPI can get better results;

.Change the black in the graphics to 80% black, which can improve the engraving quality.

We found that laying a wet paper towel on the glass helps to dissipate heat and improve the quality of the engraving, but make sure that the paper is not wrinkled.

.Use your fingers or paper towel to apply a thin layer of soap on the area to be carved, which also helps to dissipate heat;

.Use ScotchBrite or similar objects to polish the engraved area and remove glass fragments.

3. What should I pay attention to when carving on plywood (three-plywood) or light wood?

This material is more suitable for applications in the cutting field than in the engraving field, because the texture of the plywood may be uneven and there are different glue layers inside. And when you want to engrave on it, the material is very important. Uneven, or too much or too little glue will affect the engraving effect. Of course, if you find better quality plywood, the effect of carving is still very good, such as woodcut painting.

MDF laser engraving

4. I want to expand my business scope to leather. Will it be difficult?

Laser engraving or cutting leather can be done, and we also have many customers in this industry who want to customize the LOGO of wallets and handbags.

Leather laser engraving and cutting

5. What is the best setting for engraving artificial leather?

It will depend on your machine and wattage, but you can find the laser parameter table on the Leiyu Laser website where to download. If in doubt, you can start the test yourself with relatively high speed and low power. Because of this, as long as you don't move your material, you can sculpt it again until you get the effect you want.

6. I hate wasting materials. Can laser engraving machines use waste products to do cool projects?

Using scrap is a very good idea. Not only can you create new projects, but you can also use scrap to test more challenging carvings, such as photos. We have seen that many customers use waste to make various things, such as small acrylic lighting signs, ornaments, labels and so on.

7. I have an Apple computer, can I use my laser engraving machine?

Our system can run Windows-based design software, and most of our customers choose CAD and CorelDRAW. MAC computers cannot directly connect to our system, but you can install a virtual machine to run windows and use our machine.

8. How to properly maintain my machine? How long should I clean my Nova35 or Nova24?

Thundelaser provides a maintenance plan, which lists the items to be maintained and the frequency of maintenance, which are described in detail in our user manual. The most important maintenance items: one is the cleaning of the machine; the other is the cleaning of the optical lens. Cleaning the optical lens helps to ensure that the laser produces the most accurate engraving and cutting results.

9. Can I use a laser engraving machine to invest in the clothing industry?

Definitely. Leiyu Laser's machines can cut and directly engrave all kinds of textiles. We have many users who are carving jeans, hollow fabrics and so on.

10. Can you recommend some cheaper material suppliers to me?

We also have some more reliable material suppliers that can be introduced to you, but they are not particularly cheap and cannot be guaranteed. And we have Taobao and 1688, you can find a lot of high-quality and cheap suppliers on it

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