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DIY 50W wood,acrylic engraver CO2 Laser Engraving Machine at Best Price

SIEME laser support high precision cnc laser engraver with servo motor and driver.When laser process wood,the focus is often on personal customization options,SIEME cnc laser engraver adopt cnc controller.Ruida V8 software It compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCad, Illustrator, PS,you can make a unique design and engraving by laser wood engraver easily.Widely used for differents industries such as Advertising,Automotive industry,Membrane switches,Filter Plastics processing industry,Wood handcraft,Architecture,PackagingClothing industry,Furniture Industry,Toys,Label production,Musical instruments Sealing material,Medical Industry,Protective Equipment,Food and Plantal University, Research, Prototyping,Sport industry,Stationery,Home textiles
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Product Description

DIY 50W wood,acrylic engraver CO2 Laser Engraving Machine at Best Price 

How much does a laser wood engraver cost?

 With different laser engraver working size,laser power,SIEME Laser wood engraver price is range from 2000$ to 8000$.SIEME laser support high precision cnc laser engraver with servo motor and driver.When laser process wood,the focus is often on personal customization options,SIEME cnc laser engraver adopt cnc controller.Ruida V8 software It compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCad, Illustrator, PS,you can make a unique design and engraving by laser wood engraver easily.


What kind of wood is used for laser engraving?

Lasers are extremely versatile instruments for wood processing. In the design industry, dark cutting edges and brownish or whitish colored engravings serve as exceptional design elements in wood products. Design new products for a wide variety of industries.SIEME CNC LASER CUTTER ENGRAVER is good at many different kinds of wood,such as  MDF,HDF,Multiplex,Plywood,Chipboard,Natural wood, real wood,Precious woods,Solid wood, solid timber,Cork,Veneers

How a laser engraver working on wood?

Ordinary mechanical engraving cannot engrave points of different thickness in an economical way, so it does not have a grayscale expression. The laser engraving machine realizes the engraving by dotting, which has a natural advantage in grayscale performance. For this reason, grayscale expressions are used as much as possible in the engraving design. This has the advantage of reducing the coloring process and saving costs; on the other hand, it enriches the expression methods of engraving and increases the level of graphics. When users use it, first fill in different gray scales in the graphics (the text needs to be transformed first), and select the black and white mode for the engraving output. You can try the effect of different dots. The accuracy is generally not more than 500dpi.

Engraving material: Log (unprocessed wood) wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing material, it is easy to engrave and cut. Light-colored woods like birch, cherry or maple are easily vaporized by laser, so they are more suitable for engraving. Each kind of wood has its own characteristics, and some are denser, such as hardwood, which requires greater laser power when engraving or cutting. We recommend that you first study the characteristics of carving before carving unfamiliar wood. Plywood carving on plywood is actually not much different from carving on wood, but there is one thing to pay attention to, the carving depth should not be too deep. The edges of the cut plywood will be as black as wood. The key is to see what kind of wood the plywood is made of.

Wood carving Generally speaking, the carving on wood is usually Yin carving, and the carving depth is generally required to be deeper. The power is generally set higher, if it encounters harder wood, the color of the engraved graphics may become darker. If you want to make the color lighter, you can increase the engraving speed and try engraving several times. Some wood will produce some oily smoke attached to the surface of the wood when carving. If the wood has been painted with a damp cloth, it can be carefully wiped off. If it is not painted, it may not be wiped clean, causing the surface of the finished product to be stained.

The wood cutting laser engraving machine generally does not cut wood deeply. The maximum cutting depth depends on the wood material and the power of the laser. If you want to cut very thick wood, you can slow down the cutting speed, but it may cause the wood to burn. In the specific operation, you can try to use large-size lenses, and use the method of repeated cutting. Colored wood usually has a feeling of being burnt after carving. It has a primitive artistic beauty that matches the color of the wood background. The depth of the color mainly depends on the laser power and the carving speed. But some woods are usually softer, and you can't change their color anyway (such as birch). For the coloring of the finished product, acrylic pigments can be used



laser -engraving-machine


Technical Parameter 

Products model


Working area


Laser Types

Hermetic And Detached CO2 Laser Tube


Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Location precision


Resetting positioning accuracy


Power supply

AC 220V/50~60Hz (110V is optional)

Gross power


Operating temperature

0 - 45°

Operating humidity

5 - 95%

Minimum shaping character

English 1×1mm

360°slope engrave


Motors driving system 

Stepper (servo is optional)

Cooling mode

Water-cooling and protection system

Operating system

Windows XP, VISTA, Windows7, Windows8 


RDWorksV8(compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCad, Illustrator, 


Graphic format supported


Standard accessories

Water pump, air pump, exhaust fan, water pump

Optional parts

Electrical up/down table, rotary clamp, red light pointer, 

water chiller,WIFI


Machine details 


New design for X Y axis transmission.High preicison and working stable.Good for acrylic cutting and engraving with high speed.2021 best DIY acrylic cnc laser cutter 


Meet Europe Class 1 standard 



Up and down system with Taiwan ballscrew.


CNC controller Panel Ruida 


Laser cutting machine Application 

Laser cutter Suitable minerals

Acrylic Wood, organic glass, plastic, clothing, paper, leather, rubber and other non metallic materials

Applicable industries

Advertising, crafts, shoes, toys, computer embroidery cutting, garment industry, model, construction industry



Our Service 

1. Guarantee for 12 months for whole machine.10 months for laser tube 

2. Maintenance for whole life.

3. We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price.

4. 24 hours*7days online service, free technical support.

5. Machine has been adjusted before delivery, operation disk is included in the delivery. If there is  any other questions, pls kindly tell me.

6. We have manual instruction and Guiding Videos for software Installation, operation and machine's using and maintenance

Packing and delivery 




Q1. Before send me an inquiry on our cnc laser, it is better for you to provide me the following information:

1) Your metal or non-metal material size. Because in our factory, we have different models according to working area.
2) Your materials.
3)You want to engrave or cut?
If cut,could you tell me your cutting thickness? Because different cutting thickness need different laser tube power and laser power supplier.
Q2. If we don't know how to use the machine, can you teach us?
Yes. We will send you manual and guide vedio in English, it can teach you how to operate the machine. If you still can not learn how to use it, we can help you by "Teamviewer" online helpsoftware. Or we can talk by phone,email or skype.
Q3. How long is the delivery time?
For standard machines, it would be 3-5 days; For non-standard machines and customized machines according to clien's specific requirements, it would be 7 to 10 days.
Q4. Quality Control:
The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete machine will be stested to make sure they can work very well before being out of factory. Our machine passed CE Certificate, meet European and American standard, were exported to more than 100 Countries.
Q5. Do you arrange shipment for the machines?
Yes. For FOB or CIF price,we will arrange shipment for you. For EXW price, clients need to arrange shipment by themselves or their agents.


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