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Can a laser cutting machine cut rusty iron plates?

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Can a laser cutting machine cut rusty iron plates?

We all know that the laser cutting machine is a tool for sheet metal processing, cutting iron like mud; in the actual production process, 

we often find that the processed material will rust, especially in the south of China, which is relatively humid, carbon steel, iron plate, etc. 

They are easy to rust, so what should be paid attention to when the laser cutting machine cuts rusty materials?

We must first analyze the cutting principle of the laser cutting machine. The laser itself is not a light source. 

The laser will generate heat after being absorbed when processing the surface of the sheet. 

In the case of rust or no rust on the surface of the material, the laser absorption is not the same, and the heat generation will be greatly affected. 

Generally, cutting rusty steel plates will have the following effects:

The cutting efficiency of the rusty plate will be reduced, the effect is almost, and the scrap rate is high.

 If conditions permit, it is better to reduce the use of rusty plates or deal with rusty plates in use.

The biggest damage is actually blasting when punching and cutting, which will cause pollution to the lens. 

You can use laser clearing  to remove rust first. If the plate is not a thick plate, the effect of less than 5MM is not large, 

but it will affect the quality of the cut product and the failure rate is high.

The cutting conditions of the uniform rust plate will be better than the uneven rust plate,

 because the uniform rust plate absorbs the laser evenly, so it can be cut well.

 For the processing of materials with uneven and rusty surfaces, the surface conditions of the materials must be uniform before cutting.

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