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Application of fiber laser cutting machine in the field of Aerospace.

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 Application of laser cutting machine in the field of aerospace

Laser technology-as one of the most advanced manufacturing and processing technologies in the world today, it undoubtedly plays an important role in the aerospace field, no matter from the aircraft fuselage to the aircraft components to the processing of all kinds of materials. Found the figure of laser technology.

Aircraft accessories features.

As today’s top-notch aero engine, it is a highly complex and precise thermodynamic machine. Each item of manufacturing is extremely demanding and requires a wide variety of materials. The high-temperature components inside not only need to withstand the hot high temperature, but also need to withstand The strong air pressure and the slightest error directly lead to the failure of the entire aircraft. Nowadays, the design and manufacture of aero-engines are very complex, covering tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of small parts and components, and a large number of current titanium alloys, high-temperature gold, stainless steel and other non-metallic special coatings are used. These materials not only have high specific hardness , Easily brittle, but also has the characteristics of high melting point and low thermal conductivity. The turbine blade inside is not only unique in shape, but also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. If conventional processing methods are used, not only the operation is complicated, but the process requirements are also difficult to meet, so this requires the use of current high-tech methods --- Laser cutting machine of laser technology.

 What can fiber laser machines do in the aerospace industry?

The industrial application of laser manufacturing technology in the fields of national defense and aerospace has great prospects. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, short process, good performance, digitization and intelligence.



Laser cutting materials in the aerospace industry include titanium alloys, nickel alloys, chromium alloys, aluminum alloys, beryllium oxide, stainless steel, molybdenum titanate, plastics and composite materials, etc. These materials have high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point, High viscosity and low thermal conductivity characteristics, conventional machining is more difficult to process, laser cutting can be used to process aircraft skins, honeycomb structures, frames, wings, tail panels, helicopter main rotors, engine casings and flame tubes.


Advantages of Fiber laser metal cutter for the aerospace.

Because laser cutting has the characteristics of high precision, fast processing speed, low thermal influence, and no mechanical effects, it has applications in many aspects of aero engine manufacturing, from the intake of current aero engines to exhaust nozzles. Applied to the current laser cutting technology. The current laser cutting technology has solved many difficult problems such as cutting of difficult-to-process materials for aero-engines, high-efficiency processing of large thin-walled parts, high-precision cutting of part blade holes, and processing of special surface parts, which has strongly promoted the current aviation vehicles. , The development towards high performance, light weight, long life, short cycle, low cost, etc., has added a lot of impetus to the development of the current aviation industry.

Which fiber laser machine is suitable for aerospace?

SIEME E series E6020 fiber laser is most popular for aerospace.E6020 with big work area 6000x2000mm.It can equiped with 1000w to 6000w fiber source.

And there is exchange platform,which can save time for loading and unloading.

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