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Analysis of the development trend of China's laser industry market

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     China is a big manufacturing country. However, compared with the world's major manufacturing countries, the proportion of laser applications in the manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, is low, only 30%. The US, Japan, and Germany's laser applications accounted for more than 40% of the equipment manufacturing industry, of which Germany was as high as 46%, which was 16% higher than my country. This is also a reason for the slow upgrading of my country's industrial structure. At the same time, the gap in the application proportion of lasers in the manufacturing industry can also see the huge market potential of my country's laser industry. In the course of a series of industrial restructuring and industrial restructuring in the country in the future, the laser industry has broad market prospects.

    fiber laser cutting machine

    The industrial laser market will reach 265 billion yuan in 2026

In 2021, my country’s economy will usher in a rebound of rapid growth, and the demand for laser manufacturing will also be a big year. According to the forecast of "Laser Manufacturers", the industrial laser market is expected to grow by more than 20%. It is predicted that the industry will be in 2026. The market scale of laser and related products will reach 318 billion yuan.

fiber laser cutter machine

   The development opportunities of the laser industry mainly lie in policy promotion and market demand expansion, etc.

According to the analysis of the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the promotion of industrial policies, the continuous expansion of market demand and the initial formation of my country's laser industry chain have all brought better development opportunities for my country's laser industry.

   The development of the laser industry faces various challenges such as technology and international market competition

At present, my country's laser industry is still facing greater challenges in terms of technology, industrial management systems, and international market competition.


Analysis of the development trend of the laser industry

The price war for laser-related products will continue, mainly lasers and laser processing equipment, while the price competition between core components and supporting products will not be so obvious. The industry has seen sales growth, but the unit price of a single machine has dropped, and corporate profits have been compressed. For most laser equipment companies, the way out for the future is to combine laser, numerical control and processing technology development to further develop and master more core technologies. If conditions permit, they should cooperate with automation companies and terminal application companies to jointly develop processes and customize them according to their needs. Equipment and production line.

Only by further expanding higher-end customized applications and gradually producing batches can it bring new growth momentum to the laser manufacturing market. The laser can no longer be simply regarded as a kind of laser processing equipment, but as a tool to integrate the laser into the intelligent manufacturing production line. Ultrafast laser, laser welding, laser cleaning, laser plus supporting automation equipment may become the next growth point of my country's laser industry.

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