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Advantages and practicality of fiber laser pipe cutting machine

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In practical applications, pipe cutting into open cross-sections and special roll forming cross-sections are used more and more widely, and they are also favored by more people. The laser tube processing machine can accurately produce parts so that they can be assembled more quickly in the future.

Easy to operate

In recent years, laser tube cutting technology has proven to be the most convenient and agile pipe processing method. It can freely cut different lengths, cut any geometric shapes or drill holes of any size. All pipe cutting operations are It can be done on a laser pipe cutting machine.

Significantly reduced costs

The laser cutting machine can cut various thicknesses and types of pipes arbitrarily, which makes laser pipe cutting a universal tool. Able to maximize production and minimize waste.

A whole new degree of freedom

It can easily and accurately cut out the geometry of complex parts. At the same time, the cleverly cut parts can be designed in different combinations, and the composition can be created by the shape of the pipe diameter and the wall thickness.

The metal pipe processed by laser pipe cutting has many advantages such as smooth cut, fast cutting speed, not easy to have burrs, strong controllability and no tool wear, and the laser pipe cutting machine is easier to realize an automated and intelligent production mode.

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