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150W 300W 1300×900mm Hybrid CO2 Laser Cutter Laser Cutting Machine for Metal And Non-Metal with 1.3 Million CCD, Rotary Attachment, Lifting Workbench

Our 1325M Metal Non metal Laser Cutting Machine with 300W CO2 Laser Tube yongli brand,it can cut up to 4mm carbon steel,3mm stainless steel,30mm acrylic,20mm wood.

What is a mixed laser cutter?

Mixed laser cutter also named Hybrid laser cutting machine.Compare with nonmetal CO2 laser cutter,Mixed laser cutter can cut both nonmetal and metal.Such as wood,acrylic,plywood,stainless steel,mild steel.

Mixed laser cutter can equipped with CO2 laser tube at power of 130W,150W,200W,300W.

As far as metal is concerned, our mixed laser cutting machine cuts both stainless steel and carbon steel sheets up to 2.5mm thick for the 300W model and up to 1.2 mm thick for the 150W model. As to non-metals, it cuts well on a range of materials such as acrylic, wood, glass, paper, fabric, leather, rubber, stone, etc.


How it engraving on acrylic with a 300w Mixed laser cutter?

As you know the bigger power laser tube,the bigger its beam.Therefor 300w laser tube is not suitable for engraving work.CO2 laser tube power lower than 100w is good choice for engraving.

Consider of multi-functions our engineer R&D double heads mixed laser cutter.

One head with auto focus function ,it can cut metal and nonmetal well.The another head with 100w or less power laser tube,it can work for your engraving work well.

What can a 300 watt laser cut?

Metal and non-metal hybrid laser cutting machines are widely used in advertising production, metal processing, laser knife molds and other industries; suitable for large-format metal and non-metal plates such as carbon steel, stainless steel, acrylic, and density board. It is mainly used in small and medium power laser cutting machines below 500W, and can accurately track the focus position of the metal plate with the capacitance adjustment system. There is a Z-axis transmission part, which can move up and down to accurately track the focus position.


Products model




Working area




Laser Types

Hermetic And Detached CO2 Laser Tube

130W, 150W,220w,300w

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Location precision


Resetting positioning accuracy


Power supply

AC 220V/50~60Hz (110V is optional)

Gross power


Operating temperature

0 - 45°

Operating humidity

5 - 95%

Minimum shaping character

English 1×1mm

360°slope engrave


Motors driving system 

Stepper (servo is optional)

Cooling mode

Water-cooling and protection system

Operating system

Windows XP, VISTA, Windows7, Windows8 


RDWorks (compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCad, Illustrator, 


Graphic format supported


Standard accessories

Water pump, air pump, exhaust fan, water pump

Optional parts

Electrical up/down table, rotary clamp, red light pointer, 

water chiller,WIFI

Auto laser head 

gRuida laser head with automatic focus .

One head for metal cutting one for nonmetal cutting






Remotor control 

It is easy and convenient to operate the machine


High precision,long life,Can provide rigorous support for quenching helical gears and grinding helical gears, so that the load drive structure is compact, can effectively reduce the driving torque.



Mirror support 

You can adjust it easily 

YONGLI 300W laser tube 

good spot mode, fast cutting speed, long life, good stability, laser output mode will not change during the service life






Out connector 

Convenient and safe for machine spare parts working

Ruida control system with Touch screen

1. Adopting the main USB technology, the controller can run independently from the computer, and supports U disk transmission.

2. Big data graphics processing speed is fast. Data over 15M can be processed instantly


Up and down system 
For 3D engraving 
Applicable Industries: Model industry (construction models, aviation and navigation models and wooden toys), advertisement, decoration, arts and crafts, electronic and electric appliances, garment industry fabric leather cut, etc. 
Working materials: Nonmetal materials such as acrylic, MDF, wood planks (light planks, paulownia wood), bamboo ware, double-color sheets, paper, leather, shells, coconut shells, ox horns, resin, animal grease, ABS boards, lampshade, etc.
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