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Full Protection Metal Sheet and Pipe Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform
SIE3015GR is a laser cutter for cutting both metal sheet and metal pipes.With European standard cover ,Safe and environmentally friendly.One machine cost dual-use.Expand business and improve competitiveness.
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1 Machine Show fiber laser plate and tube cutting machine for steel machines
2 Cutting Area 1500*3000MM
3 Overall dimensions 8850*2850*2310MM
4 Cutting speed 150m/min
5 Power consumption of whole machine < 15KW
6 laser head Precitec/Swiss Raytools
7 laser source IPG/Raycus/Trumpf/Reci
8 Chiller Tongfei/Teyu
9 Weight 6700KG
10 Acceleration 1.5G
11 the max. load 700kg