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Is the laser cutting workshop full of smoke and dust? Practical laser cutting dust removal solutions you must know

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With the introduction of more efficient and higher-capacity fiber laser cutting machines, more and more factories have felt the "worries" brought about by the efficient operation of the equipment:

The faster the laser cutting machine runs, the more metal materials it processes, and the greater the cutting smoke generated. If it is in the peak sales season, the laser cutting workshop will be a scene of smoke and dust.

It is obviously impossible not to deal with this kind of cutting fume pollution problem. Whether it is from the environmental impact assessment, the service life of the machine itself, and the health of the employees, the laser cutting machine needs to be equipped with a tailor-made dust removal program.


Before equipping the laser cutting machine with a tailor-made dust removal program, let's first understand the general classification of laser cutting, and then explain the corresponding dust removal program. Laser cutting is generally divided into the following three categories:

Laser vaporization cutting, under the heating of a high-power density laser beam, about 40% of the material vaporizes into steam and disappears, and 60% of the material is blown away from the bottom of the slit as an ejection by the auxiliary gas, and combines with the fine particles in the air. Form dust

Laser melting and cutting. When the power density of the incident laser beam exceeds a certain value, the irradiated material begins to evaporate to form a hole, and the material around the hole is melted. Then, the auxiliary airflow coaxial with the speed of light takes away the surrounding molten material, forming smoke and dust;

Laser oxidation cutting, the surface of the material is quickly heated to the ignition temperature under the irradiation of the laser beam, followed by a fierce combustion reaction with oxygen, releasing a lot of heat, forming a small hole full of steam in the material, and the surrounding of the small hole Surrounded by the molten metal wall, these steam and molten substances will be taken away by the auxiliary airflow and float in the air to form dust and smoke.

For a long period of time, when dealing with the fume and dust derived from the three different cutting methods mentioned above, you will use methods such as exhaust fan ventilation or filtering equipment to filter dust or underwater cutting water to capture fume and dust, but the problem is that the exhaust fan ventilation is too simple Rough, unable to fundamentally solve the problem of cutting fume and dust, and it will also bring pollution to the environment; the filter equipment filter dust removal due to its small equipment capacity, low filtering wind speed, can not handle large air volume, and has a narrow application range; underwater cutting water capture Smoke and dust are easy to freeze in winter, and the post-treatment of polluted water is also troublesome, which is unacceptable in many laser cutting workshops.

Having said that, is there a professional, applicable, and efficient laser cutting dust removal method on the market?

Don't worry, the editor of Liwei Environmental Protection recommends a professional laser cutting dust removal equipment (the dust removal is very efficient, and the companies that have used it will say good)!

This kind of laser cutting dust removal equipment has the advantages of high-efficiency fan + high-quality nano-filter material + automatic pulse back blowing dust removal system + unique runner design, etc., with good overall performance, small footprint, extremely low noise during operation, and purification effect up to 99 %, it can very efficiently help everyone solve the problem of smoke and dust pollution in the laser cutting process.

In addition, it also has a compact structure, simple management and maintenance, safe operation; large air volume, high negative pressure; imported nano flame-retardant filter material, high safety performance; horizontal filter cartridge design, easy to replace; automatic pulse back blowing dust cleaning The system can effectively extend the service life of the filter cartridge. All in all, after using it, everyone will no longer have to worry about laser cutting, heavy smoke and dust, the workshop's environmental impact assessment, and the hidden dangers of employee health!

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