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How much is a fiber laser cutting machine?

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Fiber laser metal cutter price 

Fiber laser metal cutting machine price is range from $20000.00 to $500000.00.

Why price of fiber laser cutter so big difference?

  1. Fiber laser cutter power different

    Fiber laser cutting machine can equiped with different power fiber source to cut different metal and different thickness metal.

    Such as 1000w,1500w,2000w 3000w.The biggest one SIEME can produce is 15KW now.It can cut Max. 70mm carbon steel.

    and with the continuous advancement of our technology, we can produce higher power laser machines

  2. Spare part brand differ 

    Such as fiber laser source,we support IPG,Raycus,Max for your optional.

      There are many other different parts such rails,motors,drivers,laser head,chillers,machine body.

  3.Different machine model

     3.1 Machine size different 

     3.2 Functional accessories selection,such as exchange plotform,full cover.rotary for cutting metal pipe.

  4.Different brand fiber laser cutting machine 

    Do not hesitate to contact SIEME laser metal cutter.We will support the best machine and The best price.

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