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CCD Automatic Visual Positioning Fiber Laser Engraving Marking Machine For Ultra Small Parts

CCD Automatic Visual Positioning Fiber Laser Engraving Marking Machine For Ultra Small Parts,saving 3-5 times the product release time and improving work efficiency

Main Features


CCD Automatic Visual Positioning Fiber Laser Marking machine Adopt Intelligent visual inspection, automatic high-resolution automatic positioning laser marking machine realized by high-pixel camera optical machine point galvanometer automatic correction. The high-pixel camera locates the current position of the product, and transfers the collected position information of one or more products to the marking machine control card through the computer in turn, so as to achieve precise marking. It can also be equipped with an assembly line for automatic feeding. Compared with the traditional Marking and marking intervals are shorter, saving 3-5 times the product release time and improving work efficiency. The automatic assembly line that facilitates the marking of multiple products saves a lot of labor costs. The unique performance of CCD is especially suitable for the ultra-fine processing market, handicraft IC electronic parts, circuit boards and other ultra-small materials surface marking

Double red dot
Double red light indicator can quickly find the focal length,just to see if the red dots and red lines overlap on the surface of the product which you want to mark.
CCD Visual Positioning System
It captures accurately, and the image is clear, and there is no missing or repeated marking

Benfitis of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine 

Easy Operation 
Famous brand original EZCAD Control system with high stability and easy operation,good performance.We support English manual and video for operating 
No consumable
No need any consumable spare parts.

Low power, consumption power is less than 500w

Long lifetime
Mopa source,Lifetime of main part fiber laser source can reach 100,000 hours.Whole machine can work for metal marking for 8- 10 yeras without any consumable 

Standard Accessories

Guild Video
Foot Switch 
Power Cable 
USB Cable
Allen Wrench
Target tracking and location
Multi-target parallel tracking
Correction of vibroscope deformity
Laser focusing assist
Automatic filling light √ 5 mega-pixel camera
PositionaI accuracy 0.05-0.15mm
Positioning speed <100ms
Field range 110mm*110mm
Positioning mode  Static positioning
Marking Content/ Character Types Text/letters/numbers/symbols/graphics/design/logo, etc. Date/time/QR code / Barcode/ batch number/serial number, etc. real-time
number coding
System Protection Rating IP54
Cooling Air Cooling
Power Supply 220V±5%,50Hz±5% Single-phase AC power suppl
Power Consumption <1KW

Applicable materials:

All metal:

Jewelry,gold, Curve metal,silver, titanium, copper, alloy, aluminum, steel, manganese steel, magnesium, zinc, stainless steel, carbon steel / mild steel, all kinds of alloy steel, electrolytic plate, brass plate, galvanized sheet , Aluminum, all kinds of alloy plates, all kinds of sheet metal, rare metals, coated metal, anodized aluminum and other special surface treatment, electroplating the surface of the aluminum-magnesium alloy surface oxygen decomposition.

Some Non-metallic:

 non-metallic coating materials, industrial plastics, pen,hard plastics, barcode,sunglass,rubber, ceramics,wood, paper, plexiglass, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester resin material


Applicable Industries:

Computer keyboards; precision instruments,auto parts,medical equipment , bathroom equipment, hardware tools, luggage decoration, electronic components, home appliances, watches, molds,data matrix, jewelry, cell phone keyboard, buckle, kitchenware, knives, cooker, stainless steel products, aerospace equipment, integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, signs molds, wire and cable , Industrial bearings, building materials,Food packaging; health care products, plastic buttons, bathing supplies, business cards, Clothing accessories, cosmetics packaging, car decoration, wood, logos, characters, serial number, bar code, PET, ABS, pipeline, advertising,logo,etc

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